Hey Maurice
I need to blank out the AQ reading on my AQ-N-LCD I just want the screen to show humidity / temp and I am using it for the occupants to set setpoint up and down a little bit
Is there a register I can blank off the AQ ? The register viewer I think needs a little work as some registers are in correct
I am btw using modbus

I don’t have a device on hand just now but you could try connecting with the T3000 devices and checking around for features, I am pretty sure you can set the number of items and which ones to display. Also update the firmware and T3000 itself while you are at it, the crew is adding features often.

Hey Maurice
I of course did all that checked for updates , updated both t3000 and AQ pretty easy to figure out addresses for the humidity room temp max and min setpoint just kept looking thru mod poll until I found them , however changing the lcd readouts that’s a bit touchy as I am not sure what I should be seeing in mod poll unfortunately the viewer needs a Big update

The purpose of the update is just to make sure you have all the latest features. Once that is done you connect over T3000 and check around on the user interface for features related to the display. I will have our documentation helper post some screen shots here if you are not able to run T3000.

The T3000 modbus register viewer tool is also a good resource when integrating over Modbus. Connect to a device and then go to T00ls → Modbus Register Viewer. There you can see all the registers, their descriptions and the current value.

I checked the register viewer before contacting you as there is nothing stated there concerning lcd addressing
Thank you

Yes, some registers are not fully exposed on the register list mainly due to lack of resources. We are super busy and have to ask you to work from T3000 UI to get started. If there’s some registers which are really a show stopper and you need them added then you have a couple options. Easiest but longest wait time is to add a feature request on github. Fastest is to add it yourself, the full source code is here::

No problem
I found a couple that I got to work