ISP Tool

I downloaded the T3000 application, but there’s no ISP tool icon. Is there a default IP for the I/O modules?

ISPTool: There’s no icon, its in the menu system: Tools → program single device.

IP address: The default setting is DHCP active, it will request an IP address on your local lan. If one doesn’t reply with an IP address the device will fall back to whatever was last successful, in our test lab it will be under A better way to start off with our devices is to just hit the magnifying glass icon, it will automatically discover any of our devices.

Maurice, is there any way to set the controllers to a static IP?

For sure, just head to the advanced settings (gear icon) then navigate to the communications settings, then select static IP. I am not at my PC now or I’d send a screen shot for you.

Update: Added screen shot