Integrating with Wacnet and Mango

@maurice ,

Without the RS485 “Ground” wire terminated (a 2-wire bus with shield) at each device communications is intermittent, which would indicate a possible 3-wire RS485 bus hardware configuration.

The power supplies are Regulated 24 VDC (Idec PS5R-VC24)

The T3000 Software is rev. Nov 29 2019.14, T3-XX are rev. 50 and Tstat8_03 is rev. 8.8 and Tstat8_04 is rev. 9.0

As mentioned in posts in another topic (T3-BB) the Tstat8’s have not had any major issues with communications in T3000 software or Yabe, but the T3-Nano (as IP to MS/TP Router) was intermittent. The only device that has maintained consistent reliable (BACnet) communications across multiple software (T3000, Yabe, Mango and Wacnet) is the T3-8o.

We will set up some tests and see if we can duplicate the issue here. From what I understand the worst case scenario is when you use a two wire connection with several devices on a T3-nano subnet, then poll the nano over Ethernet using Wacnet.

Just went to the Wacnet web site and it looks pretty interesting. More news shortly.

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Yes, that’s the worst case for BACnet MS/TP communications.

Has there been any updates to this thread. What other programs are you using for a front end to control the points?

@bill ,

The Front-end program / software / GUI would only be used for monitoring, possible overrides from auto to manual and trending. Control functions reside in the Thermostat and or Controller, they are “Stand-alone Devices”. You could use the T3000 software for these “Monitoring” functions.

The Mango Automation program is quite “mature” and works quite well as a “Web Server” with HTML connections. My current issue is discovery of BACnet MS/TP devices, most BACnet IP devices are readily discovered.


@PeteR and @maurice,

I downloaded the Mango system and got that up and working. I am able to see a Big Brother and the T stat 8 as a “slave” device of the Big Brother ‘Data Source’ within Mango.

I am not sure if I can see all of the register values, but I’m also not sure if I have proper read/write permission for the BB. Is there such a thing?

When I bring in a temperature value into mango, does the value default to Celsius? Is there a way to convert to Fahrenheit?

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