Humidity Reading

One of my Tstat-8’s has the internal humidity sensor option. It used to give a reasonable readout but several weeks ago it started displaying N/A. Any easy fix? Thanks!

hello, this may be the configuration bit for the humidity sensor has been zeroed out somehow. You can check by following steps:

open tool–>Modubs Poll tool

check register 20 see if the second bit is 0, as show up, it is 0 which means no hum sensor
if so, you can change the second bit to 1, which means if current value is 1(first bit is set), you need write value 3 to it(B0000000000000011) , and T3000 will show the humidity:
and you can also check register 140 for the humidity value on the modbus Poll tool.

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Thank you, Charly! Yes that was an easy fix. I reset the configuration bit per your instructions and the software is now reporting the humidity sensor’s reading. Excellent tech support !

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