CO2-N-LCD temperature input range?

Is there a certain range scale to use for the temperature input from the CO2-N-LCD to the T3000 controller with 0-10v? i figured out the humidity and co2, but i cannot get the temperature correct.

I believe there are some parameters you can adjust to set the scaling of the analog outputs. You’ll need to get connected up with the T3000 software and adjust them from the user interface. The default, if I remember right, is -40C-60C = 0-10V.

You can download the T3000 software from the product pages.

Thanks for your efforts working with the products.

I emailed you back, but let’s use the open forum for others that are as seeming inept as I. using that range worked to show 80.6F on t300 software, while the lcd shows 79.8. close enough for me, for now.
CO2-N-LCD to the T3000 controller with 0-10v:
co2- 0ppm-ov. 2000ppm-10v
HUM- 0v-0%, 10v-100%
temp- 0v-(-40c/f), 10v-140F/60C)
High Temperature Over Molded Floor Heating Sensor was “plug and play” as a 10k type 2 thermistor.

That’s the perennial problem with going digital to analog 0-10V, then back to digital again. You can recalibrate but there will always be a difference between what you see on the sensor LCD and what you see on the T3 input. The solution is to integrate the sensor over the RS485 or Ethernet Modbus / Bacnet network, this way you are in the digital domain the whole way. Give it a try using the RS485 network is my suggestion, set the device protocol to Bacnet using the keypad, or connect to it over RS485 and set that up. Then do the same with the T3 controller subnetwork.


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