Calibrating Transducers


I want to corect a raw value, for example my sensor reads 238 (23.8°C) but the current temperature is 25.2°C, i could not find the offset register of the XDUCER-T-150 to correct the measurement

Please connect to the device with our T3000 application which you can download from the product pages. Depending on the device you will need either an ethernet cable or an RS485 converter to connect. Hit the magnifying glass icon at Tab1 to discover the devices then click on your device at Tab2 and you will see a dialog where you can add an offset for calibration at Tab3.

OK, but my device is a XDUCER.

Could you do me a favor and send me the complete addresses to see where i could calibrate it using modbus poll?

The user interface for the transducer is very similar, you can calibrate there in the same way.

To see the mobus registers of a particular deveice you can check the product documentation. The recommended method though is to use the Modbus register viewer tool, there you can see all the modbus registers and their current value. If you are using Bacnet you can use the Bacnet tool as well.



For example, in that window i could not clearly identify the values for calibration in the temperature or the humidity of that sensor

Do i have to move 60-76 values? How to fine tune them?

Here is where you do the calibration, at the red arrow you enter your offset.

If you are having trouble you can send some screen shots and perhaps we can pick something out. Also be sure you have updated the firmware of your device and also updated T3000 itself.