Calibrate CO2 HUM sensor through modbus?


A while back I asked about how to calibrate the sensors through T3000 (How To Calibrate HUM Sensor - Temperature, Humidity CO2)
I was wondering if there is a way to do this through modbus or backnet or another external way for Temp, Humidity and CO2. Reason is my customer wants to calibrate their sensors and they don’t want to run T3000 because it is not signed and must be run as admin.

Yes, you can read & write to the calibration offsets using Modbus, please check the T3000 → tools → Modbus register viewer to see what the register numbers are. Once you know the register you can use any generic modbus software to calibrate.

Had to ask the team why we need to run as admin and learned that T3000 needs access to a number of resources like the Ethernet port, com ports and also does some caching in the T3000 install folder. You could run it in a virtual box if you’re concerned about security.