Graphics - queries

I’m doing some simple experiments to learn about Graphics. I have been able to import a simple bitmap and add some points but…I am struggling to follow the user manual instructions (sections 6.1.1 and 6.1.2).

  • has there been any progress with the HUGE number of features noted in the user manual as TBD?? Or, should users simply disregard anything [TBD]

  • I found out how to select different Display attributes - but the different things are not explained. I guess I just have to try all the options out to see what hapens.

I selected "Icon"and seemed to get a choice of default icon - without knowing what it is. - is there only one default icon>?

I read a mention of “custom icons” - how is this done?

  • I dont see where/how to specify high and low limits (which seem to allow text colour change based on logic)

Is it possible to insert any kind of symbol (“eg custom icon”) which changes color depending on logic - eg to show a running pump in green and a stopped pump in red?.

I expect to have more queries before I am done.


Another simple question is on refresh rate.
The user manual shows the example Graphics table with column 4 being refresh rate. The actual software has column 4 as Element Count.
Whatever happend to refresh rate? What is the default refresh rate? Can it be changed?

Refresh: Good question, the team will check it.
Documentation: The focus lately is on the webview version, be sure to work there as the earlier mode is pretty much on the way out. Lijun has documented the webview, pretty sure he already posted but I will have him check it.