Trend Logging queries

I am just starting to try out Trend Logging of Analog points - I was a little surprised how simple it was :slight_smile: However, I have the following questions:

  1. In Monitor List view I set short interval times (<10sec) for testing. I notice that in Graphic view the traces do not progress steadily interval by interval across the screen - typically I get 3-4 points added to trace every 20 sec or so, then another long wait for the next batch. Can this be fixed?
    2 The vertical axis “auto-ranges” to accommodate the point values. I am trending temperatuiueres - so the Y-scale starts out at 30degC, and then expands to 40, 50degC as temeratures increase. Is there a way to FIX a particular Y-scale maximum value? Why does this not correspond to the defined input range?
    3 Is there any way to change the Graphic background colour to make some trace colours more visible? Cyan on Grey is not great contrast
    4 Are the colours allocated to points 1 through 14 fixed and cannot be changed?
    5 I can “select” preferred trace colours by rearranging point order, but find I cannot leave gaps in the point list (eg use only 1,2,4 to avoid cyan). Is this correct? A workaround is to insert a digital point in “blank” line(s) in the point list . Could I use an unused digital input or variable to fill "blank"lines??


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Glad to hear folks are making use of it here and there. I am for sure game to make it more useful for you and others.

  1. Uneven graphs: I will have the team look into it.

  2. AutoRange: Turn it off, set it manually. <We could do some features for that, sure.

  3. Adjustable Background: Sounds easy enough, We will add it to the list.

  4. Configure colors manually: We could do that, sure.

  5. Blank Lines: The idea to add a blank line to force certain colors, sounds like a decent work around but we could solve this one with the custom colors.

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Thanks as always for your response.
Re Q2: where/how do I turn-off the auto-range and set the trend display range manually?


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These are features you requested, we will work on them now. It will be a few days before we can release them.

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My initial question was to learn how the software currently works - I may be using it incorrectly.

So, my question is: Is “Auto-ranging” of Trend Y-axis scale a feature, not a bug, nor the result of a mistake I made.

If so, then I think it would be better to be able to FIX the scale-range to achieve consistemt presentation over time. One of the merits of Trend charts is to quickly identify a parameter going outside normal range. If the scale-range is self-adjusting, this can hide an abnormality.

I have still to discover how a Trend handles inputs with very different scale factors (eg a 0-80deg temperature and a 0-5 bar pressure).

It would make sense to me that the chart scale be 0-100%, with each point having its own user-defintion of what 100% means - shown in the legend…

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Another hopefuly simple question:
Can Trend data be exported - either to the SG card or directly to some external data store?

I think it can but dont see any instructions on how to do this.


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Data Export: This is one thing we need to improve upon. more on this soon.

Display Various Ranges: I am sure we can add some features to make things simpler to view and understand. Maybe let the user drag values up or down & out of the way… open to ideas on this.


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