General Inquiry about system: One controller or two?

Hi, I have DDC requirement with DI 18, DO 18 and AI 3 .Which of your product will be best suited in my these two following conditions:
a) Only single ddc (with expansion modules)
b) a combination of two ddc.
Also Do you have heat index sensors?
And lastly an HMI screen suitable for the task (with its dimensions).

Jan20: Updated to show list of IO on each controller.

There is a list of how many IO for each type of controller on the T3 controller web page. You just need to go through the list and add up the IO to match your project.

If there’s not enough IO on a particular controller for your project you can add some expansion IO, these are on the T3E expansion IO web page at the link below. If you like you can also use two separate T3 controllers though the price will be a little higher. The main thing to keep in mind is you want to keep the IO of a given system connected to the same controller. This way if the network cable should go down the system can continue operation uninterrupted. If the network cable is very short, ie inside a single cabinet, then there’s basically no concern but if its a longer one to another mechanical room then go with two separate controllers.

Heat index sensors: I am not familiar with that term but we do have a lot of temperature sensors on the website.

HMI: You can learn about the graphics capabilities of our system here.

The graphics capabilities of our T3000 application are good for a typical building operator working from a desktop PC. For a touch screen user our software is a bit behind bu we’re working on it. There will be a new release of our T3000 application in the next couple of months with some moving graphics and touch freindly interface. It can run on windows and next step it’ll be in a browser for use with any machine. And as always, our gear runs well with any HMI that supports bacnet or Modbus.