Firmware 53.7 for Tstat10

Can you post the firmware version 53.7 online for the Tstat10? It’s currently not listed at but appears to be available.


Best to update using T3000 → help → check for updates

We’re in the middle of merging that ftp folder with the behind the scenes firmware update system, once its done you’ll be able to browse versions and download manually like with the ftp folder system.



I tried that way too, it says 53.7 is available, but downloads and installs 53.6.

Already uploaded latest fimware.

53.8 is saving as ‘53.7’. I normally get the updates as they arrive but I take care of the actual updates manually for projects that I have to fly there for. Today, when I tried to find 53.8 it wasn’t anywhere to be found. So I initiated the download for 53.8 and saw that it was being saved in the correct location ‘T3000 Firmware’ but the rev 53.8 was being decremented to 53.7.
Just what I noticed…

for me it saves to 53.6:

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The latest version is 53.8, I can confirm it has been uploaded to the firmware update system. Not sure why you would see 53.7 somewhere… not sure where you mean actually. We can keep an eye out for it though.


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Rev 53.8 is the version on the firmware site. When the file is saved via the automatic download - the file is being saved, by the automated program to C://program Files (x86)/t3000/database/firmware/arm_rev53.7.
Those who do a download with automated update will not see this. If you choose to just download the software, that’s when you see it.

Sorry, I already fixed the config file. Latest firmware is 53.8

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works again for me, thanks chelsea!