Download DEMO programs

Hello.Where can I download the demo programs for the TEMCO T 3000? They say I download the configuration file TBD.

Could you show me where you see that, I will update the documents.

Here’s a few demo programs for various examples:

Here is a whole section of example programs on the forum:

Thanks Maurice! You have been most helpful!!

I saw the same thing. It is in Help file, DEMO PROGRAM section

All right, working on a proper demo guys. Didn’t realize this was not up to date, thanks. There are a few demo programs in the ftp folder:

If I am monitoring generator on or off position same with Grid, which sample program appropriately.
Also graphics page for customer view will be which one?

There’s no ready made demos for a generator application but I can prepare one for you. Start a new thread with the IO list and I will prepare it along with an explanation for others to learn from.

I wil send tomorrow the IO list