Discovering T3 Hardware via Bacnet


I’m trying to discover and connect to a T3-TB-11i via a software platform my company uses to monitor multiples types of systems in addition to building management. They have a generic Bacnet connector that “should” connect to devices and either discovery all objects in addition to the device. The discovery and connection fails. Looking into Wireshark provides the following (.51 is the software. .250 is the T3):

Can anyone provide any detail on why the abort message may be thrown? I do know the software does only supports inputs and outputs as device objects, whereas the T3 has schedules, calendars, etc.

Sorry if the information provided doesn’t make sense. This type of equipment is a little out of the norm for what I typically deal with.

From your screenshot, you can see that T3-TB replies to some commands of your company’s software, including “Who is” and “Read Property” 。 * We didn’t put all the commands into the software system. * We joined in with most of the necessary orders.You can use third-party standard BacNet software, such as Yabe.
If you can provide more screenshot information, such as which command our device did not respond to, we can try to add such a command to meet the requirements of your system.

Thank you for the reply.

It looks like your device responded to all the commands, but our software sent an Abort when it saw the APDU flag for “SRV” is set to false (Second Wireshark screenshot above). Our software acts as a Bacnet client. Is your device only meant to act/respond as a client?

Our device can be used as the Master to read the parameters of other BACNet devices. You can use the Program interface of T3000 to program.

According to your screenshot, I saw that the APDU type sent by your software is “Abort”. Normally, it should be confirmed-req or a command like who is that does not require confirmation

For more examples of program, please refer to the sample code linked below

What I am trying to accomplish is have our software to read the parameters of the T3000 controller. So in this case:
My software: Client
T3000 Controller: Server

The software is configured to discover devices at a particular IP and Instance (to limit broadcasts). It discovers the T3000 and sends a Whois command, and the T3000 replies with various I-Am responses. Where our software throws an Abort with when it reads the value of the T3000 APDU as it not being a server, or SRV: False

Can the T3000 be configured to say it’s a server, and not a client? I’m assuming software like yours or YABE may ignore this flag, but it appears like ours doesn’t.

Which software are you using? Fandu will try to help more.

It’s an internal software used here. I will reach out to the developer of the Bacnet connector to see if the software can be tweaked if the T3000 will always report as a client.