Siemens BacNet SCADA

A client asked by email if the T3 controller data will be available over the network to their Siemens Bacnet Scada system. And the answer is yes of course, the T3 controllers use generic bacnet objects such as AIs, BIs, BOs, AOs, AV’s, schedules and calendars all of which are available to other bacnet systems using standard Bacnet over IP and MSTP/485 ports.
You can see the Bacnet objects using the general purpose Bacnet tool from within T3000 → tools → Bacnet tool. Its actually an open source project called Yabe which we have tacked onto the T3000 system. At Tab1 you need to select the ‘Local Endpoint’ which is just the IP address of your PC, then click the Add button and the bacnet devices & objects show up in the tree to the left. At Tab2 yopu can see an BI object and Tab3 you can see the name of the input. This corresponds to the input1 of the T3 controller showing further down at Tab4.

In general, any system that supports Bacnet can be integrated with the T3 controllers and vice versa.