Connecting to Tstat10 with Modbus TCP/IP

I have a Tstat10 that works fine with T3000 when it is connected to RS485 interface on windows machine.
I want to move Tstat10 to RS485 interface on linux machine and access that Tstat10 with T3000 from Windows using Modbus TCP/IP. For that I run Modbus gateway on Linux machine.

In T3000 I add device with following parametes: IP:, Port: 502, T3-BB Com Port: RS485 SUI, Modbus ID: 5.
Adding succeeds, T3000 adds Tstat10 as Remote Network device, corretly recognizes that it is Tstat10 and it’s serial number. I can also see traffic in Modbus gateway log.

But when I click on device in T3000, I get following error message: “Encountered an improper argument” and T3000 won’t open it. There is also NO traffic in Modbus gateway log.

I’ve tried multiple times, using different parameters, but no luck.
Any suggestions how to fix it?

Hi prilit.
After you have completed the following two configurations, you should be able to connect to TStat10 without any problems.

If you still have problems, could you please tell me your T3000 version, TSTAT10 firmware version, and T3-BB firmware version and some screenshots with some actions would be better?

T3000 version is Jan 6 2021 . 14
TSTAT10 firmware version is 54.4
I don’t have T3-BB

Here is how I add device:

adding succeeds as you see.
When I click on it following error occurs:

When I open Configuration:

All other tabs are empty as well
Serial portion is empty, as expected as it is network device. Changing IP address fails.

Only thing that works is Wifi Configuration, when I click on it I see activity in RS485 gateway log on linux machine and it correctly reports, that this Tstat10 doesn’t have wifi module.
This shows that communication with Tstat10 works correctly, but some incorrect parameter makes it so that in other views (Inputs, Outputs, etc) T3000 won’t even try to communicate


We’re curious why there is no ‘Local Network’ as we see here at Tab1, perhaps you renamed it which is not a problem but would be good to confirm that please.
At Tab2 you should see some network activity and to discover devices you can click the magnifying glass at Tab3 to automatically discover any devices, IP or RS485 both will be scanned and show up in the tree. You should not have to manually add any devices in order for them to show up in the tree.

We’re not clear how the Linux machine fits into this test setup, though if it can speak modbus or Bacnet then you should be able to send packets to/from it to the devices.