CO2-D Screen Cutting Out


I have a CO2-D, duct temp, humidity and Co2 and the screen is cutting out. the device is still communicating just no screen. It starts working again after a power cycle.


Sounds like a ground loop in the system somewhere. Make sure the power supply for all devices is consistent, if any single unit has 24vac crossed around with respect to the others you’d see the screen cutting out like that. It can take a while because of the thermal fuse on board our products, as it heats up it will eventually open up and the device goes dark.

Hi Maurice,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve now tried 3 different power supplies, 24DC, 24VAC floating and 24VAC with a ground reference. The screen has cut out on all three set up’s. Any chance we have a faulty screen?


If you’re getting the screen cutting out, with no other devices connected including on the analog outputs and RS485 network, then this is a hardware issue. If the screen cuts out just when joined to the network or analog outputs connected then there’s something going on with the grounding or cabling of the system.

We can swap hardware with you, send an email to maurice (at) temcocontrols (dot) com and we’ll coordinate.