Changing the hostname or network name of Wifi Thermostats

Is there a way to change the network/host name of Wifi enabled TStat10 units?

We noticed that the units are named as ESP_XXXXX making it hard to identify them from one another at a network level. It would be extremely helpful to assign them a name to tell them apart.

Fandu will check this out and report back shortly. I would think the Wifi name is the same as the device name defined by the user, if its not this should be done.

You can change the name of the device by using right click and Rename, or you can change the panel name on the Settings screen after selecting the device. Either method can change the name of a unit.

Hi Fan Du,

The name you are showing how to change is not the same as the WiFi name. I am familiar with this name but when I do an network scan, the ESP_XXXXX name is showing up for the thermostat as the name of the entity on the network,