Changing the action of 0-10vdc outputs

Question: If i have an actuator which is 0-10vdc but in some applications it can be normally closed while in others it can be normally open.
so, 0vdc = 0%, 10vdc = 100% OR 0vdc = 100%, 10vdc = 0%
Is there a way to do this other than picking the units which say 100% closed?

Can we use the LowV and HighV fields to reverse the action? Or is there a different/better way?


I guess this would be where we’d set this feature up, allowing you to set a lowV of 10 and a high V of 0 to reverse the action. While testing this for you I see that this whole LowV and HighV feature isnt working. Have added this to the todo list. Thanks Jim.

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It seems to make sense for it to be like you have noted in the picture. Or If there was another analog output scale range, but the LowV and HighV parameters would probably be more versatile. This is really similar to how Reliable does it in their outputs worksheet.

Reliable Controls and Temco Controls have a bit of a history from the early days. There was some cross fertilization of ideas for a while there when we were distributing their equipment and vice versa once we came out with our own gear.