Analog output action

Is there a way to change the action on an analog
Output? What I mean 0vdc out equals 100% and 10vdc out equals 0%
I just want my customers to have consistent display.
Some heating valves fail to open hence the 0vdc at 100% and others are 0vdc and 0%.

Trying to get away from using variables.


There is s topic that can help you:
(Converting 4-20ma signal to actual value using a program )
Maurice shows an example of how to use the straight line formula to convert signals and, of course, it can be used to convert the 0% / 100% output to 100% / 0% output

Thanks for the feedback, I know how to use linear algebra to convert things. I want the outputs worksheet to have the correct value so that my customer is not confused what is open or closed.
Every other vendor I have used over the last 30 years has an easy way to do this. For example in Reliable, you simply specify the low and high voltage values in the outputs worksheet. No math or farting around required.
Thanks for the idea though.