Custom analog inputs

Here’s some screenshots showing how to configure transducers in general.
From the inputs table, click in the range column at Tab1 to bring up the range setting dialog with the various sensor types available and select ‘Custom Range’ 50 at Tab2 which brings up another dialog where you set up the signal table. At Tab4 you see the settings to plug in for a typical 4-20ma or 0-10V transducer at the minimum and maximum range of the sensor. You can also type in the engineering units at Tab5.

Finally, fill in the signal type in the inputs table at Tab6.

Update: May 2020, added a parameter at Tab7 to let you edit the signal type directly from this dialog.

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I tried to set up a custom table for building pressure.
0 - 10 Volt, bidirectional, Range -0.1 to 0.1
Is the range too low? Doesn’t seem to like decimal places or minus signs.

Good point, typical low pressure range for a building static pressure sensor. We’ll make the math work for the typical +/- 0.1 in WC type ranges.

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Thanks much! It would also be wonderful if we could have three or more decimal places so there is really good resolution. :slight_smile:

Has there been any movement on this? I tried setting up a sensor for building pressure using a -.25 in. W.C. to .25 in W.C. transducer, but didnt seem to have the resolution. As far as I see I will need to use some math functions to work with the low value then transfer it back to actual value for the display.

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Ouch, its on the list but haven’t had time to get to it. Here is a workaround for now:
Create a variable and scale the signal in a basic control program. If the range is +/- 0.1 in Wc for the full scale 0-10V signal, shift the table up by 0.1 inWc so it reads from from 0 to +0.2 over the 10V full scale reading. Then create variable and a small program like this to scale it down.
10 VAR1 = IN1 - 0.1

##Assigning Custom Range for Temperature Sensor Input

We are using a 0-10Vdc output Temperature Sensor with 0-50 C temperature range and values are not updating when a custom range is set-up.
Tables are not working for custom sensors, only we can use is 0-100% range (instead 0-50 C) for 0-10Vdc sensors in T3000.

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You will have much better luck setting up custom analog ranges with the latest T3000 front end, your current version shows it’s from back in 2018.


Update the firmware of the controller as well while you’re at it.