BACnet Tstat Program Menu Greyed Out

Hello, I am new to Bravo Conrols and to the BACnet Tstat, I purchased this and connected it using a twisted shielded pair between the USB (RS-485 connector) and the TStat. I am able to connect to it using the T3000, in the menu program and variables are greyed out. Is there any other way to connect to this stat. Using the RS-485 that came with it, I could not find a way to connect the barrel connector or the 3-terminal plug. I disconnected it and connected directly to the Tstat.
Thank you

Sounds like you have one of the Tstat8’s which is the ‘configurable thermostat’. The Tstat10 on the other hand is a ‘programmable thermostat’ which uses the same UI as our programmable controllers. They share many screens such as inputs, outputs, schedules but there’s a number of dialogs which are different from the T3 controllers. With the ‘8 the main action happens in the PID tables where you make the outputs to the heating and cooling PIDs.