Asix T3 controller and 3k sensor range


I know there is a change log for new firmware, but it isn’t super detailed, can we add more details to changes that have been made? Things like the 3k scale range being removed would be really helpful to know before I do firmware updates and then scratch my head for hours.

Also, is there a change log for T3000 software? Seems like there is a lot of active development and new versions being published, but little bit lacking on the details of what is new, fixed, broken, in progress etc. As well, can we have a sense of roadmap for features upcoming? and maybe a vague idea of expected timeline?


Jim we weren’t able to reproduce your issue with the missing range. could you please send a screen shot of what you’re seeing there. This is what we see when viewing the range settings for the old Asix model controller, same as its always been. I have the team working on adding some text to explain G and Y, it was implemented so long ago nobody around now knows where it came from!

I hear you about the change log, we’ll add more text. The golden rule here though is every change must not break anything. 100% backwards compatibility.

Maurice Duteau