3k thermistor scale range redux

So, I just upgraded firmware from older rev to newest rev (50.5) for Arm and 49.3 for ASIX and now my 3k thermistor inputs are all reading wrong.

Further information: seems that ASIX 49.3 is completely missing Y3K C scale range. What is the difference between G3K and Y3K?

Latest version of t3000 software as of today just to be sure.

G and Y are some abbreviations from the vendor at the time, the code and naming comes from the original work done 20 years ago so I do not know the details.

I think you are saying you need the 3k thermistor range added (back) to the user interface on the Asix controller input range settings, will have the team check on this now.

Yes, I have 1 site which has these sensors and when upgrading it is problematic to have the scale range go away. Alternatively, if I can do the same thing with a custom range, that would work too. Can you provide the parameters for a custom analog range and I can just input it?