Writing at a different Priority Level

Is there a way to see what priority level an output is being written to?
Is there a way to write at a priority 8, 7 or whatever and relinquish the point

EG: IF SpaceSetpoint < 20 THEN RLQ SpaceSetpoint@8
or IF TIMEON( Override ) > 5:00:00 THEN STOP Override@8

We don’t have priority levels incorporated into the control basic statements (yet). There would be a work around though which is to create a separate variable and incorporate that into your programming directly.

10 IF SCHED101 OR OVRD101 THEN …do things…

20 IF TIME-ON( OVRD101 ) > 01:00:00 THEN STOP OVERD101

I would offer that this has one advantage over managing things with the priority array, you can put this OVERD101 on displays and trend logs to clearly see when the override is active. If it were buried in a priority array it would not be so easy to see what’s going on.

That said: I can see how it would be useful to be able to manage the priority level from a user program so we’ll be adding this to the TODO list.


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This would be a great feature! Do you have a rough timeline when this will be available? I currently have a system running with a Carrier RTU and any 3rd party writes have to be performed at priority level 16 to be recognized by the controller.

Guess we’ll have to bump it up Lyle, we’re cleaning up a few urgent chores but will tend to this soon. Guessing a month or two.

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