The last one who writes

I want to change an AV 105AV2 on both screens
I can’t adjust the priority bacnet
can you help me

40 VAR1 = 105AV1
50 105AV2 = VAR2
60 VAR3 = 105AV2

Hi pascallac.
This topic explains in detail how to use priorities.


I know the priority bacnet
but I write in modbus
I want to be able to change the value bacnet from the two screens

Is there the change value variable?

create an action when the value changes

As Fandu mentions, the link above shows how the priority array works, it is a read only array storing the value or state of an output from up to 16 different sources: user sitting at the PC using the hand-off auto overrides, user at the controller itself toggling the hardware switch on the device itself and so on. In your case you want to send a command over the network, this is automatically assigned a priority of 11. You can write the value using either modbus or bacnet. If there’s a program running on the controller it has priority over the network commands.

Personally, I would create a variable and write to that from your external master controller rather than relying on the priority array. In your program you have the normal logic and also some extra logic incorporating this ‘external command’ variable. That way you can see exactly the state of the remote command rather than having to scratch your head over what is stored in the priority array. This variable can then be placed on displays, logged and generally be well managed from the T3000 user interface.


I will also mention you can now see the priority array for outputs by right clicking on the output grid. You’ll need to update the firmware and your T3000 front end to see these.

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