Using sunset times in programming

I would like to utilize sunset time in my programming logic on the Tstat10.
For example: 30 minutes after sunset, turn off some output.

Is there any way to implement this?
One approach would be to create a lookup table with 365 entries - the sunset time for each day at this location. Is this possible?

Any other ideas?

Thank you

That’s a good candidate for the solution. You can use a spreadhseet with the powerful functions available there to create the tables. It is a complicated function as you cna see, some other folks talking about the same question:

It involves trigonometry and a lot of heavey math. We’re adding sin, cos and so on now but there’d be other functions we need still.

Why not get a light sensor, this will compensate for weather and daylight time to switch on the actual conditions. Wire up a small 12V solar sensor and measure the voltage coming off it. And we have the outdoor sensor with outdoor light level.