Tstat8 w/ Humidity, Controlling humidity

I purchase the Tstat8 w/ the humidity sensor.

I cannot seem to find a way to control the humidity on this stat. I hope I am just missing something somewhere.

The fan runs all the time.

K1 - cool 1
K2 - cool 2
K3 - heat 1
K4 - Heat 2
K5 - heat 3

I need to maintain humidity at around 55%. Initially it will bring on stage 1 cooling, then if the temp drops below the heating setpoint, stage 1 heat (reclaim) will come on to keep from overcooling the store.

Can this stat do this?

The Tstat8 is a configurable stat which lets you set up most standard applications however when the going gets a little complex the best option is the Tstat10 where you can do your own programming. That said, there’s two PID loops on the Tstat8 so you may be able to pull this off. Can you experiment a little in the PID tables and show your work here, I will dig in and help out more shortly.