Tstat8-CO2 Points Mapping

The Tstat8-CO2 with the redesign CO2 sensor does not map the CO2 sensor as a Bacnet object. I even tried to solve this issue by upgrading to latest posted firmware. Is there a method or procedural document for mapping objects from the device to Bacnet or is this only performed with the firmware?

Please advise as to how to resolve this issue.

Thanks for the heads up, we’re on this now.

There’s no features (yet) to map bacnet and modbus registers to each other, Charly needs to add it at the firmware level.

hi, I have added CO2 item as AI11 and updated the hex file on our ftp, hex file version is rev6_8, you can use check for update function of T3000 software to update the newest version automatically.


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Thank you.

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