I’m guessing that the rs485 port on the Tstat10(wifi) isn’t set up as a subnet of the Tstat10 like it would be on the other controllers.

I have setup a small test system with a Tstat8 connected via rs485. I can start T3000 with a usb-rs485 stick and set it up as modbus or bacnet, and everything connects fine.

I can set up the Tstat10 and configure the wifi, and that connects nicely with T3000 on my network. Then I connect the rs485 port of the Tstat10 to the Tstat8, with the intention of unplugging the usb-rs485 stick, so that now the Tstat8 is only connected thru the rs485 port of the Tstat10. But once I do that and search for nodes, nothing comes up except for the local network connection of the wifi Tstat10.

If I plug the usb-rs485 stick back in to my computer and search on T3000, then it obviously finds the Tstat8 no problem. If I shut off my wifi and try to search for the Tstat10 via rs485, I can’t get that to work no matter whether I configure it for Bacnet or modbus slave or master.

So basically, nothing is really connecting thru the Tstat10 rs485 port. I will do some Wireshark testing to see what’s happening there. Then I plan on clearing the Tstat10 back to factory and without setting up wifi, see whether I can connect to the Tstat10 thru rs485.

Open to any suggestions

We can work on this as soon as everyone’s back to work on Feb2. As you suggest, the RS485 should work as a subnet but it may not be implemented just yet.