Tstat10 with Node Red over BACnet - 2Heat2CoolRev6.prog

First draft as title and open for people to de-bug, and play with config parameters as I haven’t a clue how to tune the program.

T10a all 28jul21a.json (91.5 KB)

For Raspberry Pi Node-Red set up … See Step.1 … How to here

Some Screenshots


Comments and feedback welcomed.


Hope this is useful to some folks here, I haven’t had a chance to see &understand what all is going on here but hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I can make use of this. Thanks ionware.io.

We’ve now updated this by connecting and controlling it from our new iBox micro … The IOT in your hand! :slight_smile:

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It may be small but it packs a punch with its quad core cpu and 8GB eMMC for total security.

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Fully compatible with all Temco controllers via BACnet and or Modbus.


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