TSTAT10 update-add mstp master feature

I’m wondering if this MS/TP master feature described on the latest update allows this device to host another controller. Can the thermostat be communicated to over wifi and then allow other devices to be seen over ms/tp?


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Hi jason , Use the wifi connection to Tstat10 and RS485 port use the Bacnet MSTP connect to the Thermostat, this feature will be done in the next few firmware revisions.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t quite understand. I can use the wifi connection to the Tstat10 and the RS485 port for MSTP connection to the thermostat as well? Or I can’t do that yet? Or can I do the MSTP connection and in a future firmware revision, it will be able to route to a MSTP network from WIFI IP connection?

Thanks! Apologies for the confusion.

  1. Use Wifi connection to Tstat10 , It is ok.
    2.Use RS485 for MSTP connection ,It is also OK.
  2. If you connect expansion IO (like Tstat8 or T3-22I ) to Tstat10’s RS485 port , and use wifi connection to access the expansion , it is not work for now , we are working on this feature .
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