TStat10/T3 on ESP32 Build Instructions

According to the instructions here for the T3 on TStat10 build instructions,

we attempted to download the IDE and compile tools for the ESP32, but the files are not available on the Espressif github download page either directly or through the mirror:

ESP-IDE v2.8.1-with-esp-idf-4.4.4
ESP-IDE v2.8.0-with-esp-idf-4.4.4

Can you please update the instructions given the current available idf version or provide a way to download the IDE+idf framework directly from your site?

We were able to download the idf 4.4.7 framework successfully from the button links in the main part of the espressif page, but are not sure what we would need to set up in standard eclipse for C/C++ to be able to properly reference the idf.

We have spent several days this week trying to find a working environment in which to build the code. Unfortunately, the latest Espressif IDE/IDF integrations, the only ones available, are not working. They fail to connect the IDE to the toolchain and there are numerous forum posts in the Espressif forums where people have complained that the releases are completely broken.

I was wondering if your team has considered using platformio instead?

After more attempts to get the latest IDE working, we found this post that links to a version of the IDE+IDF that is mentioned in the instructions.

I have updated the instructions to include this download link and more instructions for others who might try to compile the software and can send a pull request if you are fine with the suggested changes.

After getting compilation to take place, the issue is that the following error (among others) is being generated:

In file included from F:/Programs/eclipse/T3-programmable-controller-on-ESP32-master/main/controls.h:28,
                 from F:/Programs/eclipse/T3-programmable-controller-on-ESP32-master/main/i2c_task.c:12:
F:/Programs/eclipse/T3-programmable-controller-on-ESP32-master/main/ud_str.h:6:10: fatal error: types.h: No such file or directory
 #include "types.h"

There is a temco_bacnet/include/types.h that could be used, but the concerns are:

  1. the master branch in github is not compiling without modifications
  2. the types.h include is used in multiple files
  3. the bacnet.h include is used in multiple files
  4. there are more than 300 lines of linkage errors when all the include references are resolved