TStat10 Self-Heating

Is there a way to turn off the backlight? I find the unit is heating itself, kind of negating its usefulness as a thermostat… about 2.5C from power-up to stability. It gets much worse when the bottom vent is blocked, or the unit is not mounted vertically.

you can do this in the settings

We have the internal self heat gain down to 1DegC = ~2F now and once this is calibrated out you have an excellent representation of the room temp. Make sure to do your tests with the stat vertical and with no downdraft.

Just touching the device can raise the temperature a degree or two so let things settle down during your tests.

If you are working with one of the wifi versions we have some new firmware to help reduce power and heat, let me know and we’ll send that your way. soon it will be on general release.

One other option is to add an external temp sensor to one of the spare inputs, we’ll provide one of the hidden flush mount sensors for free.