TSTAT10 Outputs differ on stat and BACnet

The TSTAT outputs in T3000 and the equipment is active but the outputs I have assigned for cooling/heating show as off when scraped using an external BACnet tool.

Our plan is to deploy this thermostat throughout a building, and we have supplemental software that will then send commands to the thermostat via BACnet. The algorithms are receiving BACnet data showing that the cooling is OFF when in fact it is ON.

Any ideas on what the issue might be?

Try using the Yabe bacnet tool, this will tell you all the bacnet objects such as BI, BO, AO, AI, AV, BV and so on. Its possible your tool is looking at one of the variables rather than the outputs.

You can access Yabe from the T3000 menu by navigating to Tools → Bacnet tool

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