Tstat10 Icons

How do I access / use the icons on the display of the Tstat10?

We’re working on it…! Thanks for your patience.

Is there any update on working with these icons? We need the ability for them to either to not be shown or reflect the current state of variables defined within the control program. If they are currently bound to internal variables which ones are they bound to?

Its on the hotlist, sorry for the slow response so far.

Thinking about it now, the cleanest method will be to add some new functions which are managed in AV4 and onwards but we have to be careful updating existing installations. I am thinking it might be best to add a couple new arrays and some associated basic statements to manage them.

Open for suggestions.

I am fine with your suggestion if that is the easiest and quickest solution. We can easily modify our program to adjust for system variables you use.

Another thought would be to add user interface (icon, scroll line and user changeable variables) control functions to the library that the basic programs can call to set imagery/text shown and manage visibility (shown/hidden). Users can then control the behavior via a custom program. This mechanism could then be programmed into any of the program slots and avoid backwards compatibility issues. Now that I think about this more, maybe this is what you are already proposing. We are finalizing our product integration now and need this behavior to go to market. Please let us know when we can expect something.

Sorry, I don’t have the knowledge to suggest how to go about a fix. I do know what I need to proceeded with my project.

I want to use the Tstat10-H-W as an stand alone RH controller, stand alone A/C controller, and combination A/C & RH. Each of the three types/modes would really be the same. The only difference would be if the unit shows A/C, RH or both. All of the Tstat10’s would be monitored and/or controlled via WiFi or Modbus. About 55 units in total.

First - I need to be able to display the Temp and RH on the top line. And to change the engineering units for it as well. Alternating via program control. And to switch the SET value in unison with the top line so the user can see the current Temp and Temp Set Point. Then see the current RH and RH Set Point. The user may or may not be allowed to change the set points. But if allowed, when the display shows RH, the buttons need to change the RH Set Point. And vice versa. I’m ok with having to wait till the setting I need to scroll to the screen. Actually, for this project, the user will not be allowed to change any set point from any of the Tstat10’s. Only from the master controller.

Second - I need to be able to control the icons. Turn on/off or change the icons from program control. I need icons for A/C, Heat, Fan, Dehu, Dehu Fan, Humidifier. It would be nice to be able to make my own icons.

Third - I need to hide/turn off the scrolling IP address. To have it scrolling continuously is annoying to my customer and a security risk. It would be nice to be able to control the text on this line, scroll rate, flash rate, etc.

This project is moving to the front burner and I need to get moving on it. A realistic time line is a must to me.

Any help would be be great!

Temp & Setpoint control is fairly standard using the VAR1 and example program. To add the RH display and setpoint will take a bit of wrangling, let me work on it with the team here and see what we can come up with. And of course the icons and lower line of text need many features, its on the list. I could keep a small army of developers busy here.

Any updates?
I am looking to have a different input displayed on the screen instead of internal temp.
Any way to do that?


To display a different item you just need to write a small program like so:
VAR1 = IN2 for example.

Then input 2 will show up on the display instead of the default which I believe is in9. When you change the engineering units of var1 it will also be updated on the LCD.