Tstat10 first steps

As I have seen some posts asking for initial help … let me quickly post my first small application for the Tstat10. After passing a first few hurdles (Thanks again to Maurice for helping me!) it turns out to be a very powerful device with an excellent price / performance ratio.

Below is the listing of the very simple Basic program I’m using, the purpose is to manage the power control of a Wodtke Pellet stove which acts as a water central heating system. It accepts a 0-10V analog signal. The corresponding Tstat10 output signal is controlled by a PID based on the temperature of the water heating return loop.

10 REM*** start the PID loop
15 REM*** link to OUT6 and limit output voltage to 8 Volt
30 OUT6 = MIN ( 80 , PID1 )
35 REM*** drive on/off for OUT1 via schedule 1
40 OUT1 = SCHED1
45 REM*** load variables for Time of day and Day of year,
46 REM*** further calc necessary to find the current date (later)
65 REM*** display heating return temperature via IN9 on the device display. First save internal temperature IN9 into VAR6 (IN9 displays the internal sensor temperature by factory default.) Then overwrite IN9 with IN1 (analog input form external temperature sensor). A bit of a trick but works well.
70 VAR6 = IN9
80 IN9 = IN1
85 REM*** Calculate and display current power of pellet stove
90 VAR5 = OUT6 * 8 / 100 + 2

And here are the inputs, outputs and variables of the Tstat10:

The topic I haven’t been able to get to work is Trend Logs. Any hint how I’ll be able to get there is highly appreciated.

Thanks, M

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