Tstat 10 PID Values not updating

I am watching my PID loops on a Tstat10 and I notice that the set point values do not update in a timely fashion. There are sometimes it can take as long as three minutes before it updates.

We can have a look at this, sure. Can you show me the screen you are saying has a slow update. If its the PID screen itself then we can certainly speed up the refresh rate there.

If its the individual PIDs which are not updating you can tweak the settings, the I and the D terms at Tab1 and Tab3 should be set to zero temporarily to rule those out as the cause. There’s also the Time settings which is the update rate, it should be set to the default of Minutes. There’s more on these settings in the T3000 → help system.

Hi Maurice,

I realized that having two windows open at the same time (variables and pid loops as an example) doesn’t mean bothe will be updated. There is no issue with the set point change.

Thank you,