Temperature Offset of Airlab

My new indoor Airlab device reads a high temperature, almost 10 degrees F. I went into the T3000 software to apply an offset, but I can’t find where to put in the offset value. I do see the offset value in the Modbus register map.

  1. Is there a place in the T3000 software to apply an offset?
  2. If no, can you provide the details of how the offset works? It says unsigned 16 bit, does it have a sign bit or 2’s compliment? Is it in F or C? (I am using F for my units)

Thank you!

You can set the temperature offset in the T3000 software, it does not matter degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

  1. Click the “inputs” button
    2.Set “Calibration” and “Sign” of TEMPERATURE, because your temperature is 10 degrees higher, then the sign is set to negative, the calibration value is set to 10.0, and the accuracy is 1 decimal place.

Thank you for the quick reply with the directions!

I have the airlab in a controlled air environment to analyze its accuracy to temperature and humidity. I found that the airlab electronics itself, or possibly the LCD is causing the hike in temperature by this amount approximately 6-10 degrees F higher. My room is 77 degrees F, in fact the air vent is blowing 72 degrees F. The airlab is reading 84.x. It’s temperature is running at 86 degrees F. So Airlab itself is creating the false offset in its temperature sensor. If you try calibrating, its going to only be an approximate to the initial temperature you’re setting against.

There’s a certain amount of internal heat gain from the electronics. Please repeat your test with the unit mounted on the wall at around light switch height. Make sure to locate it out of the way of drafts and direct sunlight as best you can.