Temco Modbus Poll - Port0 can't open

Hey there!

I’m trying to talk to a Tstat10 using Temco Modbus Poll. Whenever I try to connect to the thermostat, there are no options in the dropdown, so I manually the COM3 port. Afterwards, the error “Port0 can’t open” is shown. Connections to the device using the other functionalities of the T3000 program work fine.

What could be going on?


Give it a try with the Modbus register viewer tool, there you can see the current value of each register along with the name of the register and data formats. The register viewer tool will automatically select the port to connect for you, if you can connect with T3000 itself then the register viewer tool will know which port to use. Once you have that working you should have no trouble to operate with the MBPoll application.

Hey Maurice!

The Modbus register viewer works fine. I’m going to try again with MBPoll and let you know. Thanks!

The serial port is now shown, as expected. I’m not sure what changed. Everything’s working now. Cheers!