TBL lookup table function

The TBL functionality has been promised for some time, but it is not clear what it will even look like. If it is is only for static tables, it is of limited use and a missed opportunity. I have raised a request in github at the following location:

I am not sure if these issues are being looked at regularly because none have had comments added.

Thanks Jason, our team will work on it ASAP.

We added TBL function in the latest firmware rev64.1

  1. Set the table
    We can set it in customer range. There are 5 talbes.
  2. demo for TBL function


Thanks for the details. This clarifies that the tables are static and not something we have a use for right now. In the future, if the tables are allowed to reference a variable range, that will be something that we can use since we can then update the table contents via MODBus. It would enable a sort of array functionality.



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