Details on use of the TBL function

I am trying to find more information on the TBL function and the setup of tables themselves. The TBL function takes an expression and a table number but I am not sure of all the ways in which tables might be defined. The example (T3000 Custom Tables for Transducers with Negative Values - #2 by maurice) shows the tables only in relation to Range setting for inputs and outputs.

Is their only intent as a static value mapping tool? In other words, there is no intent to allow dynamic lookup tables making use of the TBL function for retrieval?

The custom tables for inputs is just that, mapping a 0-5V pressure sensor to a 0-100kPA range for example. These tables aren’t useful for the programming environment.

The TBL feature though should be useful for lookups. I would have to review the documentation to see what they are about. Please give them a try and if there’s anything we need to make clearer in our docs I can do that.