Local variables

The documentation stated:“There are 26 local variables available to each program. These variables can assume any floating point value. The current value of a local variable can be determined by using the PRINT command (i.e.: PRINT A). Local variables are unique to each program and cannot be used anywhere else in the system. The symbols used for local variables are the characters of the alphabet (i.e.: A,B,C…Z).”
when PRINT A - the program reports an error. Show how to initialize a local variable? how to use the program further? for example: 10 PRINT A = 45.5 20 A = A + 1.25

Sorry to report here Zamild, the local variables are documented from an earlier incarnation of this product but not yet working in the current version. We’ll get the work ported over shortly. This is a high priority item for us, you can expect something in a week or two.

Update: Local variables are implemented, they show up in a special color which you can adjust, the default is grey. As you type the text will change color if there’s a match with any other item in the database. This helps while programming, any items in your program which don’t line up with the database will be grayed out making it easy to see them at a glance.