Tank Sensor custom input range

hi, i have bought the Tank-sensor from the website,

i am trying to connect it to the T3-TB as an analog sensor, but is giving me weird values
i would like to know what would be the correct input definition (analog input unit so it can bring me correct values?

Check this forum for ‘custom analog ranges’. I will be at my pc in a couple days and can work up a detailed example.

Maurice Duteau

thanks that will be really great, im checking in the forums to see if i can finally make it

Hi Maurice i would like to know if you were able to make the detailed example.
since i was no able to successfully program the tank sensor

Hi Miguel ,
please follow steps to build a length vs voltage table on TB in input ->range->Custom range 51 table2 (mm) T3000 .

TB->Inputs1—8 ->Range ->Custom Table (Table1–Table5) build Length VS Voltage table .


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Hi, thanks for the reply, i was able to make it with your guide
but i would like to know how you found those values?
in case i would like to use % instead of lenght. how can i make it?


I used a spreadsheet to calculate the voltage at each position, knowing that the sensor operates from 0-10k ohms and the on board pullup resistor on the T3 controllers is 10k ohms, up to a 3V pullup excitation voltage.
Vout = ( ( X ohms / ( 10,000 ohms + X ohms ) ) * 3.0V

It is a straight line so you really only need the min and max points in this table.
[0 mm , 0V ]
[400mm , 1.5V ]

If you would like to show 0 to 100%, just change the 400mm point to 100%
[0 % , 0V ]
[100% , 1.5V ]

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