T3E886 output lights

Hi maurice
As you know I’ve been purchasing the T3 modules for many years now I noticed that the earlier T3E886 modules I have in service when they are upgraded to the latest 5.9 software D01,D02,D03 led lights up fine when turning on/off however DO4,5,6 and AO1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 do not light up ( on for digital) (10v for analogs)
Fortunately the outputs do change state so it’s not a control issue but a couple customers have noticed and “thought” something was wrong with the modules again this is only on the very early T3E886 when upgraded to latest 5.9 software , also the led lights do not come on if you slide the H/O/A switch to Hand

We’ll investigate and report back first thing after the weekend.

We can’t replicate the problem, and the last hardware modification was 6 years ago. Can you share more hardware and software version numbers with us? What was your software version number before the update?

Thanks for the reply chelsea , I’m not real sure of the original version as we had already flashed them to a 5.4 earlier I don’t “ think” that created an issue but since the outputs are physically working it could have been awhile until we picked up on the issue I’ll do a bit more digging here so I can get you some better info I do know however that the modules still have the earlier 4.0 power supplies not the upgraded 4.6 can’t imagine that doing it but also odd that they are the ones affected I’ll let you know what else I see once I get a couple on the bench

I need to access download for earlier files specifically 5.4 for t3e886
Looked around on GitHub can’t say I’m overly familiar with it is there a list I can get the hex files as they evolved I need to go back on software to do some testin

The older firmware can be found here:


But I am not clear which folder you should look under, Chelsea will make sure its there and rename the T3-XX controllers, and T3E-xx expansion firmware.

Ok so if I revert the modules back to 5.2 all the lights are operational if I update to the latest 5.9 DO,1,2,3 lights are operational however DO,4,5,6 and all AO indicator lights do not work ( but thankfully the outputs do change state,)
These are early modules I think I have some 75 or 80 in service please see attached photos of the boards I was hopeful this will help you in your bench test there , it appears to me that it only is an issue with Rev4 hardware , later modules with Rev4.6 does not appear to have the issue

I I have made some changes to the old hardware, you can try to upgrade to the latest REV61, we have no samples of REV4, so please test whether the problem is solved. I have uploaded it to FTP, you can update it by T3000.exe automatically by navigating to T3000 → help → check for updates → download firmware & update.