T3-TB modbus issue

Hi, I used the T3-TB to collect the data from power meter (Schneider PM5110) via ModBus, However, the performance is not stable. The communication setting of T3-TB will change from ModBus Master to Modbus slave automatically after polling for 2 minuites.
Please help

There’s an auto changeover where our device will switch to slave if it detects another master on the subnet.

Chelsea, you need to rethink this auto feature. I would like to merge both ‘modbus master’ and ‘modbus slave’ to just ‘modbus’. It will be one more setting the user does not have to worry about.

Sounds like Schneider’s device actively sent the data, and the TB automatically switched to slave. We can also manually turn off the automatic comport switch. The configure of the com port can be fixed by writing register 91 of TB to 1.