Connecting a Single Phase Power meter to the T3 controller subnet

Hi, I bought a T3-TB controller and I want to add 4 Single Phase Power Meter with CT to monitor the energy consumption of my energy provider and the output of a backup power plant (monitor 2 phase from each).

I’m struggling with configuring the power meters to connect to the T3-TB (I’m new to Modbus and controlling in general).

One of my doubts is with the wiring of the Power Meter


I’m connecting a 12V power supply (Rigtmost pins) and the 2 wires for the Modbus protocol (center pins), not connecting the 2 “Voltage Input” since I believe those are for voltage measuring and I’m still testing so I didn’ wire them yet.

Moving on to the T3-TB, I can’t set up the RS485 Main configuration (see picture).

What am I doing wrong?

Is there a similar post I can see to solve my problem?

I would connect to the single phase power meter over RS485 directly to your PC to get started. That way you can set up the RS485 communications protocol and baud rate. I dont know off hand what the default setting of the power meter is but T3000 will be able to scan and discover it. Once you know the power meter communications settings you can then configure the T3 controller RS485 subnet to match those settings.

Following your advice, I connected 1 Power Meter to my laptop using a USB to RS485 adapter, and another power meter directly to the T3-TB (in the MAIN RS485 port), using the T3000 software to scan, I see the device connected to my laptop but not the one to the TB.

I see that the default BaudRate is 19200, but I can’t set neither baud rate nor COM port for the T3-TB

Do I have to manually enable the RS485 Port through another configuration?

Just to close the topic.

I had to update the firmware of the T3000 and the T3-TB, after that I could change the values of the RS485 Main and Sub ports

I hope I dont find more problems during the readings of the power meters

As always, its a good idea to update both T3000 and the device. Do the T3000.exe update first, then update the device firmware. Dialogs for both updates can be found under T3000 → help → check for updates.