T3 tb 8ao

I checked PCB board and it looks like it was designed to optionally support 8 AO. If i solder “missing” components would it work?

Easiest would be to get the T3-LB. Otherwise you need to dive into Firmware and likely your controller will get stranded along the line. (I recall that there are 6 AO on the T3-LB)
Would be cool if you could though. Alternatively just get the external IO Modules to extend your controller.

My thoughts anyway.

LB have only 4 AO, TB have 6AO, and now i need to expand system to Support 8 AO signals, only option is to go with BB, but cabinets already installed, and there is not enough space for BB. Tried to use relay outputs ant convert pulse to 0-10v using Temco PWM transducer. That one do not work at all, just generating random outputs. All fit outs are done, premises already in use, so new cabinets or new cabling is not an option. Now i think to use additional T3-OEM, but i will have to disassemble it because i will need to put it on top of TB and it is to thick, installation will look awesome!

The PWM unit is a bit of an orphaned product. Made it for one client and they ended up not going very far with it. We’ll support it if you want to get that one going. That product has pretty much reached end of life, we’ll get it off the website shortly.

Regarding adding more AO’s by populating the non populated components… I dont know that we’d give up two AOs without a good reason. Probably its the limited terminal space. To get them going will require checking to make sure the hardware are terminals are in fact there and then updating the firmware and T3000 to support the added AOs, its a major effort.

We did have two outputs that could be jumper selected as either AO or relay output, we could consider adding those back in on future updates of the hardware.

PWM is already not present on website. Potentially could be nice AI AO expansion board. I have few of them and I do not think it worth trying to make it work if they reached end of life.

In T3000 you can select 0-10v and if you set 5v output led is on but relay do not tuns on, so i thought that it may be already implemented in firmware. That actually was my question, because if firmware need to be changed, then it doesn’t worth it.

2DO share terminals with 2 “possible” AO. Jumper switch would add flexibility, I would see it as benefit.

Not fully following you there about the 2Dos and 2AOs… if you need something you can let us know.

I solved commercial side of an issue, so now it is hobby thing.

It looks like PCB circuitry was done in a way that two last relay terminals may be 2 relay outputs or optionally 2 analog outputs. It made me thinking that PCB is done this way for a reason, you planed to make two variants of T3TB, with 8DO and 6AO or optionally with 6DO and 8AO. (q9 q10 q20 q21, resistors, capacitors…)

Sorry, off hand I dont know why those components are not populated. I think I replied in an email that it may have something to do with the number of terminals available. Also we used to have two outputs that were jumper selectable as either analog or relay output. It was causing more confusion than good so we fixed them as relays outputs by the looks of it.

Yes, Correct (I overstated the AO to be 6). There are 4 Analog outputs and 6 High Speed Inputs on the T3-LB.

You can “gang” your outputs if you have the same output going to multiple devices. One thought anyway.

Do the expansion units give you any more Analog Output? Would you have space?

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