T3-LB Zigbee

Can a Zigbee network of T3-LB controllers be BACnet/Zigbee? Trying to figure out wireless possibilities.

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Just saw the post of the road map.

The way to think of Zigbee is like a replacement for an RS485 cable and the protocol is Modbus.

You can get Bacnet on either end of the connection though, you can poll the T3-LB using Bacnet commands over both the RS485 and IP ports. So it doesn’t really factor in what protocol is used as data travels over the zigbee connection.

That said, I would consider the Wifi products for your projects, its simpler for commissioning and is generally more developed in our T3000 system at least. If a particular product doesn’t have the Wifi option let us know and we’ll get that option going asap.


Hi. I just bought a T3-LB-16i with the ZIGBEE module and there is no way for me to acces the zigbee informations. I can’t see or change the channel. I found very little informations in the datasheet. My main goal is to be able to control a system using wireless interlock connected on a zigbee-input-module 3i.

We tested and you are right, the ZIM doesn’t connect up to the zigbee subnet of a T3-XB series controller. We’ll fix it and push out a firmware update shortly.

In the meantime you can consider one of the ZIGB-RS485 units, this is a direct wireless replacement for wired RS485 modbus connections.

Alright, hope to have new soon :wink: