Zigbee to Bacnet gateway

Zigbee mesh to Bacnet MSTP network gateway is on the roadmap. Open to feedback and suggestions as we work on it.


I’m interested in how this would work with Tstat8 in a senior’s residence.


That’s exactly what the client pushing for this is working on, they have two senior’s homes to be retrofitted and there’s no easy way to run cables to the rooms. Since the zigbee product is still in development and the projects are starting now I suggested just going with the Tstat8-Wifi. These can be integrated into just about any environment using Bacnet / IP or Modbus / IP protocol.

Is there an existing Nano that comes with BACnet/Zigbee to BACnet/IP gateway as shown?

We’re kind of leaning towards wifi rather than Zigbee since it’s easier to support and compatible with everything.

The main advantage of zigbee would be the mesh feature which we’ll hopefully be able to implement in Wifi soon.


Getting everything on these projects on WiFi would be expensive as we have to run Tstat wire everywhere or run the wireless network all over the roof. The reason for picking zigbee is for the mesh network. I’m trying to figure out a way to get the zigbee devices from zigbee back to the Ethernet network.


Depending on when the project is starting we could have a look at committing to the wifi mesh feature. Zigbee can also work but we’ll need to configure and test for you here, its not very plug and play unfortunately. Send an email with details of the project and we can discuss more.