Network Controller / Gateway

The T3-NC now can operate as a general purpose modbus to Bacnet gateway. All the Tstat Modbus RS485 network information are read/write accessible over the ethernet port using Bacnet IP.

The T3-NC gateway details and pricing are here:

The modbus register /bacnet object list is here: … rsList.xls

The source code for the NC is open source, here’s the code. Updates and new features are being added all the time so be sure to write and we’ll send you the latest version:

Been working on over the air zigbee updates lately, now done. Check for a new section in the forum for the zigbee modules.

Done: web pages for setup, instead of using the T3000 application you’ll be able to get at the gateway using a browser.

Next: Dyndns setup web page, access your system from anywhere, even behind a typical residential gateway with dynamic IP.

The T3-NC product has been superseded by the T3 controller series. These devices have all the features of the T3-NC with the addition of some on board i/o now. The module can act as a router to send traffic from Modbus to bacnet and vice versa. They also support user programming which allows scenarios more complex than a simple router such as scaling an input from one range to another, sending alarms when an input exceeds a trigger value and logging to an SD card. You can read more about the T3 controller series here:

T3 Series Programmable Controller